Customs Information


U.S.A. residents leaving Canada are entitled to daily exemptions of U.S. $200 (liquor and tobacco excluded) and to monthly exemptions of U.S. $800 every 30 days following a 48 hour stay in Canada. Families may combine their U.S. $800 per person monthly exemption ( for example: a family of four, may combine their exemptions to total U.S.$3,200 for a single purchase).
U.S.A. residents returning to the U.S.A.after a 48 hour stay are permitted to bring in 1 litre of liquor, not more than 100 cigars and 1 carton of cigarettes. (These items are included in the U.S. $800 total exemption).
Our staff is familiar with both Canadian and U.S.A. regulations and will provide any additional information you may require.


Any Canadian resident going to the U.S.A. (for a trip of 48 hours or more) may buy at KITT’S DUTY FREE SHOP:
1 litre of liquor [Must be 21 years of age];
1 carton of cigarettes OR 50 cigars OR 200g of tobacco OR 200 tobacco sticks [Must be 18 years of age];
Plus other merchandise for personal use;
If the total amount of goods purchased at KITT’S DUTY FREE SHOP exceeds the duty free exemption, you may have to pay a minimal amount of duty at U.S. customs.
All goods bought at KITT’S DUTY FREE SHOP can be consumed in the U.S.A. or brought back to Canada after a 48 hour stay or more. (However all purchases must be declared at both U.S. and Canadian Customs).


Any Canadian resident returning from the U.S.A. may qualify for a personal exemption of:
$200 on a any type of goods (except tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) after 24 hours’ absence or more;
$800 on a any type of goods (including tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) after 48 hours’ absence or more;
Tobacco products include: (Must be at least 18 years of age)
200 cigarettes;
50 cigars (or cigarillos);
200 tobacco sticks; and
200 g of manufactured tobacco.
Alcoholic beverages include: (Must be at least 18 years of age)
1.5 litres of wine; or
1.14 litres of liquor; or
24 x 355ml cans/bottles (8.5 litres) of beer or ale.

Regulations in effect June 1, 2012
Customs regulations may be subject to change